Mozart 2 Pro

v1.1.2 - release notes

Basic Layout

The application's main interface on all devices has is divided into a notation view which also turns into the game scene and an instrument view on the bottom. The toolbar located centrally on iPad and Mac OS is right-oriented on iPhones. Note the Training Mode and Half-Speed indicators below the score in our legend below as well as the Info button.

legend ipad


In Game

Title Barlegend ipad

During games the interface changes a bit. Note that the toolbar has disappeared to the right side with only the start button showing (it has now transformed into a stop button). Additionally below the key signature we now have a level display. In the top right corner the Info button has been replaced with a counter that indicates the remaining number of notes for the level.

The notation view's display scale which shows a scale for the selected key signature inbetween games now streams notes from right to left. Finally the instrument view only shows scale indicators for the notes in the current level.


Notation View and Instruments

The game screen is basically split into these two views. They are discussed here on their own individual pages. Please refer to Instruments and Notation View.


Score Display

Your score is a way to keep track of your progress in Mozart and your improving reading skills. If you score high enough it will also be entered into the Top Ten list. Below the score display you may find the indicators for Training Mode and Half Speed. Mozart's training mode is a valuable tool allowing to train instrument specific positions. In training mode half speed is an additional option to help you get better at reading.


Info Button

Title Barmodule HUD

The Info button displays Mozart's about box. The about window shows app version, links to social media, this documentation and a link to report bugs. It also displays a list of game entities and for international users a facility to switch languages.


Help Button

Title Barmodule HUD

The Help Button is a multi-stage button that displays balloon help for the main screen's interface. Tapping it once displays the first group of help ballons. Tapping it for the second time displays a second set of help items and finally tapping it again removes all help balloons from the screen. Note that of this writing this functionality is only enabled for English and in German locales.

Note: The help button is only available on the English iOS version of Mozart 2 Pro.


Life Points

Title Barmodule HUD

Every game starts with 3 Life Points. Thus there are three life point icons shown to the very left of the toolbar. It is possible to gain more life points than three. If so a number iwll appear next to these icons. When losing life points and the total number is less than 3 these icons will grey out accordingly. Once the last life point is lost the game is over. Life points are lost when a note enters the key signature area of the staff and also if a bomb is misidentified.



Title Barmodule HUD

The Toolbar has its own page in this guide.



The main interface in Mozart may look a bit complicated when viewing it for the first time. But once the game starts things are quite simple. The upper half of the screen contains the notation view with notes and game entities streaming from right to left. The lower half is the instrument which is used to identify the leftmost note above by pressing the correct key in time before they vanish.

Now let's take a better look at the toolbar.