Mozart 2 Pro

Appendix A - Game Characters

During games Mozart displays not only notes, but also a slew of other characters. Here is a short overview:

Wrongly guessing a bomb costs a life point and penalty depending on the level of the bomb.
Bonuses range from 5 – 500 points and appear in almost all levels of the game.
Blows up all notes on the screen when guessed correctly.
  Double Time
Notes move twice as fast when guessed incorrectly.
  Life Point
Guess these correctly and win an extra life point.
  Free Guess
Any guess is correct for these.
These guys have the nasty habit of moving up and down vertically.
  Key Switcher
Get these wrong and the level restarts in a new key signature.
  Level Restart Token
Get this right and your next game will start at the current level.
These are much faster than your regular note.
  Scale Highlights
Scale highlights vanishes in the upper levels of the game. Get these right to bring it back for the level.
  Super Bomb
Turns all notes left in the level into bombs.
  Super Bonus
Turns all notes left in the level into bonus notes.
  Super Jumper
Turns all notes left in the level into jumpers.