Quincy (iOS)

v1.6.2 - release notes


Title Bar

Before we took a detailed look at the Tool Slider in Quincy - a very central and important topic. Also very central and important are documents. Quincy is a document-based application and that is a good thing, because you can save, edit, share and collect your compositions. The title bar in Quincy is the main access point to all document related functionality. The three-lined icon to the left of the title bar displays the document list and the box with the upward arrow as seen to the very right of the title bar opens the document export window. In the middle we see the title of the current document.


The Document List

Title Bar

The document list always shows up at the left side of the display on iPads. On an iPhone this covers the entire display. The Edit and Add Document (+) icons at the top of the list are standard iOS interface elements as your are familiar with from the Mail app and others.


Title BarTitle Bar

You can rename documents using the keyboard and delete documents you no longer want. It all happens here in the document list.

NOTE: After renaming a document make sure to tap the return key on the keyboard before dismissing the document list.



Title BarTitle Bar

Another aspect of a document is that you may want to store it someplace or share it with a friend. As mentioned before, export happens by tapping the Export button which is located in the top right of the application's interface. Again here we see a familiar interface and have several options in as how to proceed.



AirDrop is a very convenient way to send your composition to anybody in the close vicinity. Unfortunately this option is only available to newer devices - iPad 4th generation and up or iPhone 5 and up.


Email and Message

Title Bar Title Bar

Available to pretty much all devices are these 2 options, sending the composition via Message or Email. Above you can see the generated email message with a Quincy composition attached. All that is left to do is to address the email to someone.


Title Bar Title Bar

As the recipient of an email attachment you will encounter the familiar "Open in ..." option once you tap the attachment.


iTunes File Sharing

iTunes file sharing is implemented in a fashion silimlar to that of GarageBand. Exporting a document to iTunes takes one tap on the iTune icon in the export window shown above. There is no special confirmation. Importing a document from iTunes takes place via the add button in the document list.

Title Bar Title Bar

If documents are available in iTunes, Quincy will display an option window as shown above. Tapping "Copy from iTunes" the presents a list of all available documents to pick from.

NOTE: If Quincy finds no available documents in its iTunes directory the above window will not be presented and an new document will be added right away when tapping the "Add" button.


Undo / Redo

In version 1.0.6 undo/redo functionality was added to Quincy. Due to space limitations this functionality is limited to the iPad - there simply wasn't room to add another 2 buttons on the iPhone interface. Undo is implemented as document wide and limitless, meaning that the undo chain gets released when closing a file (which happens when opening a new document) and also that there is no upper limit of the number of undo steps. The two new toolbar buttons (undo and redo) are located in the center of the iPad's main toolbar and only available in edit mode when the iPad is in portrait mode. All draw and edit operations are undoable as well as a number of document settings.Title Bar Title Bar

Seen above in the middle of the toolbar, the undo button is left-center and the redo button right-center.



So far you have seen compositions in action, learned about Life worlds, the Tool Slider, the 3 application modes Play - Edit - Draw and now you know pretty much all there is to know about documents in Quincy. Most of the latter should be fairly familiar territory - things you have seen in other applications, but anyway, that's pretty good. Next we are going to take a look at some of those other windows you can display with the toolbar buttons. And we'll start with Life Settings - Quincy's rule editor for our Life worlds.