Quincy (iOS)

In-App Purchases

Starting with Quincy 1.2.0 we there are now a number of In-App purchases available. At the moment these consist exclusively of add-on modules for sound generation. These new modules are called Bebop, Blue, Ethnos, Gupta, Hepta, Hexa, Lydia, Nona, Octo and Spain. The naming convention gives a a bit of a hint about the available tone material. Bebop for Bebop scales, Blue for Blues scales and Hexa, Hepta, Octo and Nona feature scales with 6, 7, 8 and nine notes. Ethnos takes ethnic scales of all kinds, Spain a smattering of Spanish themed scales, Lydia is a whole module just for Lydian scales and Gupta has over 30 Ragas. If you are interested, we put together a playlist of short excerpts from the accompanying sample docs on SoundCloud which nicely illustrate the difference between them. Note that these were recorded with Quincy for Mac.

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Displaying the In-App Purchases Dialog

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Quincy's In-App store is displayed by tapping the downward arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Please note that due to space restrictions in performance mode (iPad in landscape view) this icon is only visible in portrait mode. So please turn your iPad around if needed to access the store.


Purchasing IAPs

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To purchase a spedific IAP please click the item in the store list. The item's details will then be displayed including a purchase button. Make sure you are logged into your iTunes account before tapping the Buy button. If you are not logged in Quincy will display a login dialog for you.


There are currently 10 add-on sound generating modules available for Quincy. These are available as individual IAPs plus there is a Add-on Module Pack containing all 10 modules at a 50% discount.