Quincy for Mac OS

Play Mode

Piano Keys

In Play Mode we finally get to see our Life world animated and can listen to the generated music. We discussed the transport controls (i.e. Play, Step, Reset) previously, so there is nothing new in that regard. We do, however, want to take a look at the progress bar and 'live draw'.


Progress Bar

Selected Key

Whenever the Loop button is latched Quincy displays a Progress Bar during play. It sits right above the Tool Section or when in Performance View right above the application toolbar. Of course it is in orange again - Quincy's highlight color.


Live Draw

While Quincy is playing a composition you can draw in the world display and have your composition react to that. Live Draw uses the current color and the current Draw Pattern.



Playing your compositions is the fun part. One thing to try when everything else is done is to pick different sounds. That can make a big difference. Depending on the speed of a composition sounds with longer envelopes or decay may work well. At other times a short staccato like sound may be the better choice.

Next we'll be headed over to Edit Mode.