ScaleMaster has a huge amount of settings. They are categorized into four groups: General, Audio, Midi and Advanced. These are application wide settings and not document-specific.


General Preferences

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This section deals with common notation and instrument settings.

Default Instrument

Sets the default instrument for new scale documents.


In some locales (i.e. Germany) the letter B is not used in music notation due to a historic decision when it was found that the letter B is too similar to the flat symbol (b). H is used as a substitute in these countries and Bb becomes simply B. ScaleMaster allows to switch between either display preferences.


Some European countries use a shorthand of sorts for chord symbols where the major triad for example is written as a triangle (∆) instead of the otherwise used notation"Maj". ScaleMaster allows for switching between these types of chord notation.


This setting allows to switch notation and instrument note naming to letters or syllables.


All string instruments in ScaleMaster can be displayed for left hand or right hand stringing.


Audio Preferences

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This section deals with settings that affect the application's audio.


This is the global volume setting for ScaleMaster's local audio output.


Adds reverb to the audio signal if selected.

Local Audio

In some cases like for example when driving a DAW like Abelton Live with ScaleMaster's MIDI output one may want to mute ScaleMaster's own audio output.


MIDI Preferences

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This section deals with MIDI settings.

MIDI Channel

Sets the MIDI channel on which ScaleMaster sends.


Advanced Preferences

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This section deals with advanced application settings.


Some instruments are notated in transposition to better fit their ranges into the notation system and in some cases it may be of interest for piano players for example to be able to look up certain notational intricacies. For these cases ScaleMaster allows to switch the entire app into transposed mode.


ScaleMaster produces messages and warnings in some cases that may be dismissed with a "Don't show again" option. The reset button here allows to turn these warning back on.



There are a ton of settings in ScaleMaster, but to have options is always a good thing.

Next let us take a look at a central aspect of ScaleMaster - documents.